Nintendo has released an upgraded Switch with a bigger OLED display, 64GB of storage, better acoustics, and other features.

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Nintendo announces updated Switch with a larger OLED display, 64GB of storage, improved audio, and more

Nintendo will release a new Switch model for $349 in time for the holidays.

As it is, the OLED model is only an incremental enhancement that does not provide existing Switch users with a compelling incentive to upgrade. Furthermore, consoles and electronics in general are still in limited supply, and it is anyone’s guess what supply will look like when the system is released later this year.

Nintendo shored up months of rumors on Monday with an official announcement confirming a new variant of its Switch hybrid console.

The new Nintendo Switch features a larger 7-inch OLED display compared to the 6.2-inch LCD screen on the standard model and the 5.5-inch LCD panel of the Nintendo Switch Lite. The OLED model also features 64GB of internal storage (up from 32GB), an adjustable stand, a new dock with a wired Ethernet jack and improved audio.

Rumors up to this point claimed that the new Switch will include 4K capability and maybe new Nvidia hardware, however this is not the case.

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To date, Nintendo has had no problem selling the Switch, and many customers are repeat purchases. As a result, it’s natural that Nintendo is taking a conservative approach with the update.


The Nintendo Switch OLED model launches on October 8, 2021, at an MSRP of $349.99, the same day as Nintendo’s new Metroid game.


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