Nigerian lady who is a product of rape shares her story on National TV; says her father is a popular lawmaker (audio)

Nigerian lady who is a product of rape shares her story on National TV; says her father is a popular lawmaker (audio)

A Nigerian lady who is a product of rape has shared the sad story of how her mother was raped by her cousin and how she was also raped when she was 13.

Speaking in an interview on TVC on Tuesday morning, the lady who spoke anonymously, recounted how her mother was raped by her cousin who is currently a lawmaker in Nigeria.

My own story didn’t just start from me. It started from my mother. My mother had me due to rape. She was raped by her cousin. She was actually staying with them at the time. He took advantage of her and raped her.”

According to the lady, the said cousin pleaded with her mother after carrying out the dastard act and told her that he will be speaking with his parents to know if their relationship can end in marriage, She said her mother, however, took the decision to leave the cousin’s house and returned to her parents home.

Getting to her parents house, she discovered she was pregnant. When people were asking, she did not say anything. She couldn’t say anything even till she had me, she didn’t say anything. She was secretly trying to reach out to her cousin to inform him that this is the result.

It was a whole experience for her because she suffered rejection at home, from friends. She was actually in Secondary school at the time and I was told she was heavily pregnant while she was writing her WAEC.

The experience for her wasn’t funny and even till now, she still has it and she is still carrying it. It led to her having cancer because I didn’t take breast milk and she didn’t know she was supposed to extract milk. She was just handling things on her own because no one would attend to her.

The cousin who raped my mother is one of our lawmakers in Nigeria. Even though I don’t see him, I hear his name everywhere. ” she said

She said her mum later met another man but the relationship didn’t work out because the man wasn’t happy that she already had a child. He later left her mother for another woman.

Recounting how she was raped at 13, the lady said

”I had my own rape experience at the age of 13. I went to the police station but the case was dismissed as they said it was my dressing that prompted it.”

She says she doesn’t know the men who raped her because she had gone to a classmate’s house to pick up a notebook

”I even don’t know them because mine was so unfortunate that I just went to my friend’s house to collect a school note because I wasn’t feeling fine at the time. I couldn’t go to school. I was in SS1. Getting to their house, they were not there so her younger brother took me to where they were which was where the event took place.

While I was there, these boys just came into the room and started beating us. They were six in number but I was the first one that was able to run out from the place naked. The neighbors around the house gave me clothes to wear and then I rushed to the police station.”

On her relationship with her mum, the lady who has gotten married and has two children, said

”I am the only female she has and so we are kind of close but you know when you are trying everything to have a good relationship with somebody and you still see that gap , its still there.

Now I am married with tow kids so I use my children more to get to her.”

Asked if her mother still has the resent she had towards her due to the circumstances of her birth, the lady said

”Its still there. I feel with time it will go but its still there. As it stands now if I go to her and say mum I am having one or two marital issues to seek her advise, she responds  You know I never got married so why are you asking me? She is only available for my kids”

Asked if she has reached out to her father who is supposed to be a lawmaker in Nigeria, she said

”I tried reaching to him because I didn’t even get to know the truth until I was 27. I just want him to help my mother heal and also be there for my kids” she said

She said her father isn’t interested in having a relationsip with her

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says her father is a lawmaker. . . A Nigerian lady who spoke anonymously today in an interview with the women on Your View on TVC this morning, recounted her story of how she was conceived via rape and how she was also raped when she was 13. . . The lady said her mother was raped by a cousin while she was living with them. She said on getting to her own parents house, her mother discovered she was pregnant. She said her mother suffered rejection at home and among friends all through her pregnancy. . . The anonymous lady said her mother tried to get married but it didn’t work out. . . She disclosed that she herself was also raped when she was 13. She said she reported the matter to the police but that it was dismissed after she was told it was her dressing that caused it. . . The anonymous lady, who is now married with children, disclosed that her father is a popular Nigerian lawmaker who has refused to have a relationship with her. . . She says she wishes her father comes around not for anything but for him to help her mother heal and also have a relationship with her own children. . . She says her mother still has that resentment for her .

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