New COVID-19 cases confirmed near Xi Jinping residence

Chinese authorities are reporting a spike in cases of COVID-19 in Beijing, two weeks after the country declared “victory” over the deadly virus at the National People’s Congress.

The cases represent a new cluster at the China Meat Research Center, Beijing city authorities said, according to China Central Television on Thursday.

The group of infections is being reported after a COVID-19 patient was reported on Thursday, in an area less than 2 miles from Zhongnanhai, where top officials, including Chinese President Xi Jinping, live and work.

On Friday at a press briefing Beijing city authorities said two new cases were confirmed, referring to the group at the meat research center.

“They are all employees of the same company,” Chinese authorities said.

The Chinese capital has been placed on high alert, according to reports. Beijing city has not confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus since mid-April.

On Thursday, when the city reported its first case in 57 days, authorities said they were unable to trace the origins of the disease.

Pengpai News reported the Thursday case was confirmed at an afternoon press briefing. It is the first reported case in China, since authorities in the province of Hainan in the South confirmed a new case on June 6.

The patient confirmed for the virus on Thursday was identified as a 52-year-old man residing in the Xicheng district of Beijing. His residence is located less than half a mile from key government buildings on Changan Avenue, a major thoroughfare. The patient is being treated and has been quarantined at Beijing Ditan Hospital, authorities said.

In April, northeastern Chinese provinces were placed on high alert, following a second wave of novel coronavirus infections.

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