NASA collaborates with Tide to produce space-safe washing detergent.

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NASA teams with Tide to develop laundry detergent for use in space

Astronauts, too, require clean clothing.

At the moment, astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) wear the same outfit numerous times before changing into a new one. On the International Space Station, an astronaut may expect to go through 160 pounds of clothes in a single year. Laundry becomes a difficulty for a long-term voyage to a faraway planet, such as Mars.

NASA has collaborated with Tide to develop and test laundry detergent solutions that might be perfect for deep space missions with limited payload capacity.

Tide collaborated with NASA to produce space-safe detergent to assist solve the problem. It also has to be compatible with the restricted amount of water available on board a ship. Furthermore, the wash water must be safe enough to be recycled back into potable water.

Researchers may also investigate the possibility of a combination washing and drying machine that “could potentially be integrated into planetary habitats that could be used for the Artemis Moon and Mars missions under low-gravity surface conditions.”

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The first samples will be delivered to the space station in 2022. The findings of the tests may be used to assist Proctor & Gamble develop new consumer products for use on Earth, or to improve existing items. And, if space tourism does take off in the coming years, modest advances like these might be critical to its success.



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