‘More like CNN. Fox is Lost!’ – Donald Trump blasts his favorite network Fox News

US president, Donald Trump, has blasted his favorite television network Fox News accusing them of refusing to show congressional hearing just before important witnesses were called.

The US congress on Wednesday organized an oversight hearing on policing practices and law enforcement Accountability in the wake of the killing of Black American man George Floyd last month by a White police officer in Minneapolis that has sparked anti-racism protests not just in US cities but all over the world.

The hearing involves witnesses both from the police and the public and centers on America’s policing as it affects people of colour, possibly reduce funding giving to police and enact new laws that will reduce police killings of black people.

Trump, a known supporter of conservative News network, Fox News, blasted the network on Wednesday afternoon, accusing it of cutting of the hearing just before important witnesses’ were called.

Trump tweeted;  “Incredible!  @FoxNews just took Congressional Hearing off the air just prior to important witness statements. More like CNN!!! Fox is lost!!!””

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