Missouri Gov. Mike Parsons has granted amnesty to a St. Louis couple who waved guns at protesters.

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Missouri Gov. Mike Parson pardoned a St. Louis couple who brandished weapons at Black Lives Matter protesters last year on Tuesday.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey were pardoned by Parson after pleading guilty to assault and harassment charges in June 2020 at their home.

As protesters walked through the gated community of Portland Place on their way to the mayor’s home, Mark McCloskey pointed an AR-15 at them while his wife waved a semiautomatic handgun.

Last month, Mark McCloskey, 64, pleaded guilty to fourth-degree assault and was fined $750. Patricia McCloskey, 62, pleaded guilty to second-degree harassment and will pay a $2,000 fine and neither was sentenced to jail time.

They were also ordered to forfeit their weapons.

The couple previously pleaded not guilty to more serious charges, but a new plea agreement was reached after special prosecutor Richard Callahan amended charges.

In court proceedings, the couple said they felt threatened by the protesters, who they accused of breaking down an iron gate and ignoring a “no trespassing” sign.

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Protesters said the demonstration was peaceful and Callahan said they “simply made a wrong turn on their way to protest in front of the mayor’s house,” adding there was no evidence any of the protesters were armed.

Since the incident, the McCloskeys gained national attention, including a speaking slot at the Republican National Convention and in May, Mark McCloskey announced a run for the Missouri state Senate.


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