Microsoft Flight Simulator’s game engine is being updated to improve performance.

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Getting the most out of your computer’s hardware

Asobo Studio, the developer of the most recent version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, has been hard at work ironing out some of the kinks in the 2020 edition. They’ve achieved a home run in terms of overall performance improvements, according to what was demonstrated in a recent demonstration of the game’s next update.

Asobo Studio co-founder Sébastien Wloch stated in a recent YouTube video that they had rebuilt portions of the game engine to squeeze out even more performance and utilised his own personal machine to demonstrate the benefits.

His rig, powered by an Intel Core i7-9700K and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super, averaged around 32-40 frames per second with the latest public update while running with ultra graphics settings and flying over New York City.

The average increased to about 55-60 frames per second with Sim Update 5 (which is presently under development). Wloch dug deeper and discovered that CPU use decreased by about 25% and system memory consumption was virtually cut in half. Meanwhile, the GPU was being better utilised as the load on it increased from about 75% to 100%.

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With considerably reduced CPU use, gamers have greater leeway to run extra programmes in the background if they so want.

Sim update five will be released on July 27 alongside a version of the game for Xbox Series X/S.


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