Microsoft Edge is coming to Linux in October

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In the form of a developer preview

In context: Although it isn’t perfect, Microsoft’s new and improved Edge browser is certainly a significant improvement over its far less popular predecessor. The Chromium-powered browser is now a genuine alternative to Chrome and Firefox, but only on Windows and Mac. Linux users have largely been left out of the loop — until now, that is.

Come next month, Microsoft Edge will finally arrive on Linux, in the form of a developer preview build. Since it won’t be a full release right away, you might run into the occasional bug or glitch while browsing the web, though Microsoft’s engineers will probably do their best to ensure it’s stable. Probably.

In any case, you’ll have two main options for snagging Edge for Linux in October: you can grab it from the Edge Insiders site by downloading the “preview channel,” or you can simply use Linux’s built-in package manager.

If you use the browser on Linux and have any thoughts on its functionality, be they positive or negative, Microsoft encourages you to drop them a line and share your experiences. You can do so through the Edge Insider forum or the Edge Dev Twitter account.

There likely won’t be any significant differences between Edge for Linux and Edge for other platforms — you should still have access to the same Chrome add-ons, and all the Chromium (and Edge-specific) features you’ve come to expect.

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