Memorial Health System has been attacked by a ransomware attack, and hospitals have begun to turn away patients.

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Some Ohio and West Virginia hospitals have cancelled surgeries and radiological scans.

Memorial Health System hit with ransomware attack, hospitals begin turning away patients

Yesterday, a ransomware attack hit a network of computers that controls several hospitals and clinics in West Virginia and Ohio. As a result, the network took down its website and online services associated with these institutions, and began cancelling some treatments.

The attack on Memorial Health System happened early Sunday morning. The original press release announcing the attack and the response is inaccessible because the non-profit’s website is down. However, Hack Notice was able to pick up and repost the press release while it was still up.

Memorial Health CEO Scott Cantley said staff at Marietta Memorial Hospital, Selby General Hospital, and Sisterville General Hospital have switched to paper charts until the systems can be restored.

While alerting patients, Memorial Health cancelled all operations and radiological exams for August 16, but will continue to offer primary care visits as scheduled. Marietta is still admitting victims of heart attacks, strokes, and trauma. Selby, along with Marietta’s Belpre campus, are diverting all patients due to radiology availability. Anyone who has an appointment with a surgeon or specialist at an affected hospital should contact ahead, according to Memorial Health.

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According to Ars Technica, all three hospitals began redirecting patients to Camden Clark Medical Center, which is around an hour’s drive from Selby.


Cantley underlined that no known patient personal or financial information has been disclosed thus far. So far, no information has been provided on who may be responsible for the attack, and no requests have been made.

Ransomware assaults have become more widespread in recent years, with hospitals being a common target. They’re profitable, and there’s an ever-increasing number of prospective targets to strike. Gigabyte, a PC hardware maker, was attacked earlier this month, while Kaseya, an IT company, was attacked last month, affecting hundreds of US businesses.



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