Meghan Markle shock: Prince Harry’s wife reportedly rude and cold

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Meghan Markle shock: Prince Harry’s wife reportedly rude and cold

Meghan Markle was recently branded as cold and rude by a royal author.

In her book Harry: The Real Story, royal author Lady Colin Campbell detailed an incident involving Meghan Markle.

She said that the Duchess of Sussex behaved in a questionable manner at Prince Harry’s friend, Charlie van Straubenzee’s wedding.

Meghan Markle reportedly froze out two girls at Prince Harry’s friend’s wedding

While at the event, a girl approached Markle and told her how beautiful she looked. According to Campbell, the girl was also aware that it was Markle’s birthday so she greeted the former royal.

“Meghan looked at her as if she had committed a great faux pas by speaking to her and walked off,” Campbell said.

At the wedding breakfast, another girl approached Markle. She said that she’s rooting for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

“Meghan’s response? She looked her up and down, turned away without saying a word [and shut] her out for the rest of the wedding breakfast,” the royal author said.

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Markle was described as rude and cold in Campbell’s book. She was also accused of keeping Prince Harry away from his friends.

“Meghan’s a selfish, spoiled witch. Her demanding disposition has lost Harry everything he holds dear,” an insider said.

Meghan Markle called a diva

Meghan Markle called a diva

Meanwhile, Markle has also been called a diva while she was still a senior working royal. Years ago, the Duchess of Sussex, allegedly, became upset when Kate Middleton’s staff refused to follow her request.

Royal author Tom Quinn said that Markle was very sensitive about being seen as number two to Middleton. And she, reportedly, butted heads with palace staff about getting deserved attention.

“She was seething over the staffer’s rebuff and felt she had been put in her place by someone far below her. She’s very sensitive about not being treated with the same respect she feels Kate is, so can react badly and doesn’t take it lying down,” a royal insider said.

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The Duchess of Sussex didn’t like living in Kate Middleton’s shadow

Quinn also said that Markle was very sensitive about not getting the same respect that Middleton receiving from everyone.

The royal author suggested that Markle’s idea that everyone needs to bow down to her is based on her ignorance of royal traditions. Markle, reportedly, thinks that people behave toward a royal based on their position in the order of succession.

“That means that Kate will always be number one because her husband, William, is the oldest brother and next in line to be king behind their father, Charles. Kate is destined to become king. But Meghan Markle is married Harry, who basically is a royal decoration like Charles’ brother Andrew,” he said.

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