Mass Effect Legendary Edition appears to be on its way to Game Pass.

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Preparing us for a brand-new Mass Effect game?

Do you want to give Mass Effect Legendary Edition a try but are hesitant to spend full price for the restored games? If you have an Xbox Game Pass or a Game Pass for PC, you may be able to play the trilogy as part of your subscription in the near future.

Although Microsoft has not confirmed that Mass Effect Legendary Edition is coming to its service, VGC reports that it was briefly listed with a Game Pass badge on Friday, as spotted by Polish site XGP.

Another factor suggesting MELE’s addition to Game Pass is that subscribers to the Ultimate tier also get access to EA Play. Electronic Arts’ games tend to hit the company’s own subscription service within a year of launching. Mass Effect Legendary Edition came out on May 14, 2021, so the timing is right.

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Despite the compelling evidence, there’s no guarantee BioWare’s legendary series is coming to Game Pass soon—the badge could have been added to the wrong title by accident.

Even if MELE doesn’t land on Game Pass before Christmas, its eventual arrival seems almost inevitable. This might be part of EA’s plan to ready players for the release of the next Mass Effect, for which a clue-laden teaser poster was recently revealed.

Remastered versions of classic games don’t always recapture the magic that made the originals so great—look no further than GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition for evidence of that—but Mass Effect Legendary Edition has definitely been one of the better attempts. It currently has ‘Very Positive’ Steam ratings (both recent and all-time) and a Metacritic Critic Review Score of 86.

We recently heard that CD Projekt Red had to deny that Cyberpunk 2077 is coming to Game Pass after footage appeared in a marketing video to promote the launch of Xbox Cloud Gaming on consoles.


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