‘Mad, cold, muddy, and starving’ kittens saved from a storm drain

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Animal rescuers in Mississippi rushed to the aid of two kittens who had been stranded in a flood drain.

According to the Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi, a woman called the group after hearing a kitten scream for assistance from deep inside a Gluckstadt storm drain.

The rescue fund’s Elizabeth “Pippa” Jackson responded along with another rescuer, and they removed the manhole cover to reveal what the organization described in a Facebook post as two “mad, cold, wet and hungry” kittens.

The rescuers sought assistance from neighbors, and were able to obtain a ladder long enough for Jackson to climb down into the hole to reach the kittens 12 feet under the road.

“Eventually, Pippa got down to where the kits were, and dang if one didn’t just roll right off the storm drain culvert and went plop into the water and ran down the drain to the east,” the post said.

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Jackson followed the kitten a short way down the tunnel, and the feline had a “change of heart” and came back to the rescuer.

The cats received flea medicine, wormer, food and dry bedding.

The rescue fund said the kittens soon will be available for adoption.


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