Lindsey Morgan: ‘The 100’ finale wrapped just ahead of shutdown

Lindsey Morgan finished filming The 100 and will star in the series Walker once productions resume. File photo by Howard Shen/UPI.

The 100 was on its final season when Vancouver productions began shutting down as a coronavirus precaution. Star Lindsey Morgan said they finished the series finale, which airs Wednesday, just in time.

“We literally shot until about midnight in the studio on a Saturday night,” Morgan told UPI by phone from Vancouver.

Other Vancouver-based CW shows like Supergirl and The Flash had remaining episodes to complete.

“We managed to finish shooting as the last production still going on in Vancouver and got it done,” Morgan said.

Fans of The 100 will get to see the series conclude as series creator Jason Rothenberg intended. But Morgan lamented the looming shutdown left no time for the cast and crew to celebrate their seven-season journey.

“The ending feels so unceremonious to me and it doesn’t feel like it’s over yet,” Morgan said. “It feels like an unfinished chapter.”

Morgan said The 100 cast and crew marked the moment on their tavern set with drinks and cake, but it did not feel like an official celebration. She hopes they will be able to have one later.

The show began in 2014 with 100 children who grew up in a space station returning to Earth. They had been surviving in space nearly a century after a nuclear war on Earth. The space station could not sustain life much longer, so The 100 investigated the planet to see if it had become habitable again.

Morgan joined the show as a guest star in Episode 2 as Raven Reyes and was added as a main cast member in Season 2. Even in the first season, Morgan considered Raven a landmark role. She turned 30 filming the final season and hopes The 100 played a role in improving roles for young women.

“There weren’t substantive parts as a girl,” Morgan said of her auditions prior to 2014. “There weren’t that many roles at my age of 21, 22, Latin female that weren’t categorized as dumb or hot or a sex object.”

Morgan had previously found work guest starring on episodes of Happy Endings and How I Met Your Mother. Happy Endings cast her as a ditzy one-night stand of a main character, and How I Met Your Mother cast her as a drunk girl on a train.

She played Kristina Davis on the soap opera General Hospital from 2012 to 2013, the grown-up daughter of Sonny Corinthos and Alexis Davis. Morgan was impressed that the role of Raven was defined by the character’s own achievements, not in relation to other characters.

“They just said, ‘smart, guy’s girl, mechanical genius,'” Morgan said. “These are the characters I want to seek out, characters of substance. I don’t want to be an accessory on a show.”

Raven was introduced fixing the space station. When she returned to Earth to join The 100, she became their resident scientist, mechanic and miscellaneous problem solver.

That saddled Morgan with a lot of tech talk: “So much jargon.”

She prepared for it by learning the basics of whatever the scene involved.

“I YouTubed a lot of things and a lot of things on the show are real,” Morgan said. “I had to actually learn what I was talking about so I could talk about it.”

Even before The 100 rushed to complete its final episode, The CW offered Morgan the female lead in its reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger opposite Jared Padalecki.

Padalecki will play the role Chuck Norris originated. Morgan will play a new character. She hasn’t seen the original series.

“They told me not to watch it because they didn’t want me to have any preconceived notions about it,” Morgan said.

Walker will film in Austin, Texas, so Morgan will return to her home to film it, as soon as she’s allowed to travel from Vancouver. Morgan grew up in Houston.

“I’m literally going to be 30 minutes from my mom,” Morgan said. “Isn’t that crazy?”

Morgan will also appear in the film Skylin3s, reprising her role from Beyond Skyline.

“For Skyline 3, they decided to expand on my character and basically what happens to me,” Morgan said.

The 100 Season 7 premieres Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT on The CW.

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