LG was caught red-handed attempting to purchase positive coverage from Hardware Unboxed.

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Why go there when you have outstanding stuff in the first place?

Tim Schiesser, Hardware Unboxed’s hardware reviewer and long-time TechSpot partner, uploaded a new video today that he doesn’t want to create. Tim is well-versed in monitors, having evaluated hundreds in the last several years, many of which were for LG monitors, which are also among the best in the business. So, how exactly did this happen?

Unfortunately in a recent incident, LG representatives tried to manipulate the editorial direction of Hardware Unboxed and went so far as hinting to pay for the privilege. The sole attempt to exert that sort of control during the review process is totally unacceptable, which is why Tim is calling them out publicly.

You may recall the last time a firm attempted to regulate what was mentioned in reviews. Not long ago, Nvidia threatened to withhold graphics card review samples unless we discussed specific features that benefit them. Fortunately, they retracted their statement and acknowledged their error, which is all the more significant given that Nvidia products have received generally good publicity when they genuinely earned it. But, first and foremost, we stand by our readers and viewers.

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As Tim explains in the video, what LG were attempting to do is much worse, as they tried to outline specifically how monitors should be reviewed (or how they should not be tested) and even offered compensation for doing so. Hardware Unboxed have of course refused their demands, and instead choose to expose their dirty tactics. Let’s hope this kind of manipulation and bad practice is entirely removed and promptly corrected by a company that doesn’t need this at all when their products can talk for themselves.

Update: Less than 24 hours later, a happy resolution. Good job guys!


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