Bottom line: Lego on Monday teased what appears to be a nearly 1:1 scale replica of the original Nintendo Entertainment System in block form. Given Nintendo’s firm stance on classic consoles, this could be the closest we’ll get to a new mini console for the foreseeable future.

The five-second teaser video only shows a shadowy figure in front of what appears to be a CRT television. By taking a screenshot of the video and playing with the levels, one can clearly make out the console, a gamepad and the TV.

Hong Kong-based publication VJGamer managed to get their hands on images of the retail box. According to the packaging, the officially licensed set – model 71374 – consists of 2,646 pieces featuring the console itself, a gamepad, a Super Mario Bros. cartridge and a retro-style tube TV with stand. There’s even a hand crank on the side of the television, allowing users to animate the on-screen scene.

Lego Super Mario product line that was introduced earlier this year. Exact functionality is still unknown but it appears as if you can remove a panel from the top of the TV and place the Super Mario character there for enhanced functionality.

German publication Promo Bricks claims the set will retail for 229.99 euros (around $260) when it launches in August.