Leaked tests, Nvidia’s CMP 40HX mining card performs similarly to the RTX 3060.

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Hopefully, this means that more RTX 3060 cards can reach gamers’ hands.

At least one cryptocurrency mining corporation is involved in Nvidia’s CMP cards; Hut 8 Mining Corp. recently put a $30 million order, with delivery beginning in May. The Nvidia CMP 40HX results, in particular, can pique the interest of miners who are currently required to go through additional hoops in order to use anything like the Nvidia RTX 3060.

When Nvidia announced that it will once again introduce a CMP line of silicon specifically designed for mining, the specified specs, as well as the three months of warranty provided with some AIB cards based on the Nvidia CMP 30HX chip, were a little underwhelming. The die shot that accompanied the launch, on the other hand, seemed to imply that the firm had produced custom silicon this time around, rather than taking subpar commercial chips from the assembly lines and turning them into cryptocurrency mining processors.

According to an Asus image of internal research on one of these cards (seen by Videocardz), Nvidia’s AIB partners could be able to get more value out of them. In the case of the CMP 40HX, the listed hash rate for Ethereum mining algorithms is 36 MH per second, but Asus increased that to more than 43 MH per second, a healthy 20% improvement over the advertised results.

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Since Ethereum mining algorithms are sensitive to memory bandwidth and latency although benefiting little from a higher core clock, Asus most likely achieved this speed by optimising the memory clock and timings. Indeed, lowering the clock will increase power efficiency to some extent, which is why the Asus CMP 40HX cards seen in the screenshot above have a power consumption of 134-135, which is lower than the TDP of 185 watts.

These findings are exciting because they approximately equal the hash rates obtained with an Nvidia RTX 3060 while using a leaked driver that can circumvent the company’s mining limiter. Hopefully, this would lead to more miners buying CMP 40HX cards, which are expected to sell for about $699, rather than the CMP 30HX, which is expected to retail for $599. In either case, Nvidia claims that orders for CMP cards issued during the first quarter of this year would generate at least $150 million in revenue.


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