Last week, Covid-19 samples in Porirua and Karori yielded poor positive findings.

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Further examination of Wellington’s wastewater showed Covid-19 residues in Porirua and Karori.

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On Sunday, two poor positive findings were observed, with the Ministry of Health stating that they were most likely from newly recovered cases that were still shedding the virus.

New samples from Moa Point and Hutt Valley did not detect virus fragments, but samples collected on May 16 in Porirua and Karori yielded poor positive results.

The samples collected in Porirua and Karori on May 15 and 17 yielded negative findings, indicating that virus fragments were not found on those days.

According to the Ministry of Health, the findings were more likely attributed to newly recovered cases failing to shed the virus.

More samples were taken yesterday, and an update is due tomorrow.

In wastewater, there is no chance of infection from Covid-19.


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