JDK 15: The new features in Java 15

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The next version of standard Java will feature text blocks, garbage collectors, hidden classes, and previews of pattern matching and records

JDK 15: The new features in Java 15
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With Java 14 having reached general availability March 17, work continues on the successor, Java 15, due September 15, 2020. The latest proposal eyed for the platform, as of June 1, 2020, is the deprecation of the RMI (Remote Method Invocation) Activation mechanism.

Java Development Kit (JDK) 15 provides the basis for the next version of Java SE (Standard Edition). Prior to general availability in September, there will be rampdown phases in June and July, followed by two release candidates in August.

Features that have reached the officially targeted stage include hidden classes, removal of the Nashorn JavaScript engine, reimplementing the legacy DatagramSocket API, disabling biased locking, pattern matching for instanceof, the ZGC and Shenandoah garbage collectors, text blocks, records, Edwards-Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (EDSA) cryptographic signatures, sealed classes, removal of Solaris and Sparc ports, and the foreign memory access API.

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