Israel is waiting for updates on explosions and sirens after a potential missile strike.

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Reports of sirens near Dimona and bombings in central Israel reflect the culmination of all worries that people go to bed with and expect not to awaken to.

However, this occurred early Thursday morning when a Syrian missile crashed near Dimona, prompting Israel to retaliate by attacking Syria. The first news surfaced at 2 a.m. They started with warnings of sirens in southern Israel and international media reports that those sirens were near Israel’s secretive nuclear plant.

The Syrian missile that landed near Dimona exemplifies how risky this war is. If it had hit inside the reactor compound, Israelis would have awoken to a very different reality.

They corroborate Iranian media claims of sirens and an earthquake in Israel heard as far away as the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Modi’in. According to reports on the Shahab Arabic news website, Bedouin villages around Dimona had also heard sirens and blasts. They could even be heard in Hebron’s hills. The unusual number of incidents, as well as their scope, indicate a significant and unusual occurrence.

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It comes after Iranian media said two days ago that an explosion in central Israel was “deliberate.” While this is most likely a propaganda item, it coincides with another Fars News article about Iran using a drone to spy on a US carrier.

According to expert Yossi Mansharof, the Iranian Kayhan newspaper, which is related to the government, just a few days ago called on Iran to attack Dimona. The Iranian media had called for “action” against Dimona, alleging that in retribution for an incident at Iran’s Natanz nuclear enrichment plant, they would strike at an Israeli “nuclear facility.”

Syria’s most recent major attacks on Israel included a drone blast from the T-4 base in February 2018 and a missile salvo three months later in May.

Iran was said to have transferred ballistic missiles to Iraq in 2018 and 2019. It has also sent precision-guided munitions to Iraq and Syria, as well as long-range rockets to Hezbollah. According to Newsweek, Iran sent a drone to Yemen with the capability of striking Israel. Iran used drones to attack Saudi Arabia and precision ballistic missiles to destroy a US base in Iraq in January 2020.

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Hopefully, today’s Syrian missile incident is not a foreshadowing of things to come and the fulfilment of promises made in the past.



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