iPhone 12 Lightning cable is rumored to get a whopping upgrade

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iPhone 12 Lightning cable is rumored to get a whopping upgrade

The iPhone 12 Lightning cable is rumored to come with a braided covering for the wire after almost a decade of giving its users monumental headaches.

Apple is set to launch the newest lineup of iPhone 12 in September. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of rumors, and there are no signs of it stopping. One thing for sure is that Apple followers will still cop the new phones regardless of the changes. As such, the anticipation for the new phone line up is very high.

The rumor that Apple will no longer ship chargers with the new phones swept the internet for the past two weeks. Pundits have weighed in on the issue, and the verdict has been a tie. One side thinks that Apple is a genius. The other thinks Apple is just profiteering. Nonetheless, one new rumor may just tip the scale towards the first opinion.

iPhone 12 Lightning cable braided?

L0vetodream tweeted over the weekend a new rumor regarding a stunning upgrade on the Lightning cable. His photos show a beautiful braided outer covering for the new cables.

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His tweet, as of the moment, still doesn’t mean that Apple will make it a reality. However, if Apple indeed implements this new design, its users will rejoice greatly. Apple users have had major pain in their behinds ever since the first generation of the Apple iPhone. They’ve had to purchase replacement cables for poorly built ones constantly.

9to5Mac says that if Apple implements the braided cover, it can mask the fact that it might drop the in-box chargers with the new phones. It also might be to cover up the reality that EarPods may no longer ship with new iPhones. In other words, the braided cables may come off as a compromise between the company and its followers.

USB-C to Lightning cable

The leak also shows a USB-C to Lightning connector instead of the standard USB-A. Jon Prosser has claimed before that Apple will go wireless before it even implements a USB-C port on the iPhone. It is a bold claim, but L0vetodream’s tweet seems to refute that. The new USB-C to Lightning cable could be the company’s strategy to ease into a USB-C port for the iPhone slowly.

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The European Union has been on the company’s neck to pressure it to implement the USB-C on the iPhone. Only Apple is the major smartphone company that does not use it while Samsung, Huawei, and the rest have already adapted.

Image from Mika Baumeister/ Unsplash


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