In two weeks, a woman wins two Idaho Lottery jackpots.

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A woman couldn’t believe her good fortune when she won $50,000 from an Idaho Lottery scratch-off lottery ticket just two weeks after winning a $200,000 jackpot from the same shop.

Candice Hare, of Clarkston, Wash., told Idaho Lottery officials she picked up a Blackjack Big Bingo scratch-off ticket from the Nomnom convenience store in Lewiston, Idaho, the same store where she had bought a $200,000 winning ticket two weeks earlier.

“I was hanging out with some friends and I got a bunch of tickets to play on Wednesday night,” Hare recalled. “I scratched the bar codes and was just checking to see if they won. Then I got one that said I needed to sign it and to claim it at the Lottery.”

Hare scratched the remaining portion of the ticket and found she had earned $50,000.

“The prise was $50,000 and I had all of the numbers in one side. No way, no how. It happened again! I couldn’t believe it! People from all over town have already approached me and asked to rub me for good luck “Hare said.

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Hare mentioned that she intended to treat herself to a shopping spree at Boise Towne Square before returning to Washington. She stated that the remainder of the funds would be spent.

“I want to come back to Boise with a $300,000 winner next,” she said.



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