In Tunisia’s capital, violent protests over police abuses continue.

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On Saturday night, violent protests erupted in the streets of Tunisia’s capital, adding to the pressure on Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi’s administration to crack down on police abuses.

The incidents took place in Tunis’s Sejoumi neighbourhood, following protests earlier in the day in the city centre, during which protestors threw chairs and stones at police, who retaliated by kicking and striking them with sticks.


The release of a video this week of police stripping and beating a young man triggered widespread anger in the country and raised doubts about the credibility of police reforms undertaken after the 2011 revolution.

The cops engaged in the event were detained, and the prime minister called the act “shocking and unacceptable.”

Protests erupted in Sejoumi on Tuesday when a man detained on suspicion of drug peddling died in police custody. The cops, according to his relatives, beat him to death. The interior ministry of Tunisia has disputed the accusation.

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Police violations, according to human rights organisations, have threatened to erode the democratic achievements won since the ouster of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali’s authoritarian rule a decade ago.


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