In Saudi Arabia, 69 Hamas members were sentenced to prison.

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The men were arrested three years ago on suspicion of being members of a terrorist organisation and generating finances on its behalf.

Hamas has voiced “horror” over a Saudi court’s verdict against a large number of Palestinians and Jordanians living in the Kingdom.

According to Hamas, 69 of its Palestinian and Jordanian members and supporters were sentenced to prison terms ranging from three to 21 years by a Saudi court on Sunday.

The men were arrested three years ago and accused of affiliation with a terrorist organization and raising funds on its behalf.

Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been designated by Saudi Arabia and a number of Gulf states as a terrorist organization.

“These brothers did not commit what necessitated these harsh and unjustified sentences, as well as trial,” Hamas said in a statement. “All they did was support their cause and the people to whom they belong, without any offense to the Kingdom and its people.”

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Hamas applauded the court’s decision to acquit some of the prisoners, but stated it “deplores the harsh and unfair sentences imposed on the majority of them.”

Hamas demanded that the Saudi government quickly release the prisoners and put a stop to their “suffering and that of their families, which has lasted more than two years.”

The verdict came after a three-year imprisonment of 69 inmates in Saudi prisons, including Dr. Muhammad al-Khudari, an 80-year-old Hamas representative in Saudi Arabia, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

According to Amnesty International, when Saudi officials arrested al-Khudari and his son, Hani, on April 4, 2019, he had just undergone surgery and was being treated for prostate cancer.

Except for one member of each detainee’s family, Saudi officials barred relatives from entering the courtroom where the sentences were handed down.

Jamal al-Dahudi (15 years), Sharif Nasrallah (16 years), Ayman al-Akkad (four years), and Ali al-Shweiki (four years) were among those condemned on Sunday, according to Hamas (12 years)

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