In response to Palestinian missiles, Israel seals the Gaza fishing zone.

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Before further notice, the fishing zone will be fully closed.

Following security consultations and the persistence of missile fire from the Gaza Strip into the State of Israel, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, Maj.-Gen. Rassan Alian, declared on Monday that the Gaza Strip’s fishing zone will be closed beginning at 6 a.m. and would remain closed until further notice.

COGAT had previously stated that the fishing zone would be reduced from 15 to nine nautical miles, but as further rockets were launched, the decision was taken to totally close it. COGAT said earlier in the day, “the decision was made in light of repeated terrorist acts from the Gaza Strip against citizens of the State of Israel in recent days, which constitute a violation of Israeli sovereignty.”

“Hamas is held accountable for all that is done in and from the Gaza Strip towards Israel, and it will bear the consequences for the violence committed against the citizens of the State of Israel,” the statement said.

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Multiple Palestinian sources claimed early Monday morning that rather than being restricted to nine nautical miles, Israel may be closing the fishing zone off completely, though official Israeli sources have yet to confirm this.


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