In Japan, a 13-year-old breaks two indoor skydiving records.

In Japan, a 13-year-old indoor skydiving enthusiast set two Guinness World Records for spinning in a wind tunnel.

Fuyuki Kono, whose passion for indoor skydiving was kindled while she was studying abroad in Australia in 2018, broke the records for the most front split spins in one minute and the most 360 horizontal spins in one minute at the indoor skydiving center in Saitama, Japan.

Kono managed 78 front split spins in one minute, and 60 horizontal spins in the allotted time.

She said the records were the result of nearly three months of training and practice.

“I repeated the movement over and over to go beyond my limit,” Kono told Guinness World Records.

“Because the wind blows from the bottom up, a slight glitch in position could easily put me off balance. You can easily go off center, and you could even hit the wall if you’re not careful.”

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