In Halo Infinite, a previewer discovers the first Craig the Brute Easter egg.

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He’s far more well-known than we could have imagined.

Craig the Brute is a joke that started spreading following a Halo Infinite demo at the Xbox Games Showcase in July 2020. “We’re calling this dude Craig idc what you say.” a Facebook user wrote after snapping a screenshot of the generic Brute. Craig went on to become famous, with various internet users creating memes based on the creature and ridiculing the unflattering images.

Microsoft and 343 Industries have taken the Craig the Brute phenomenon in stride, promising to put Craig Easter eggs throughout Halo Infinite, and previewers have just found one. YouTuber Mint Blitz posted a video to his YouTube channel showing how to find the first of presumably many Craig Easter eggs in Halo Infinite.

If you’d rather not spoil your Easter egg hunting, stop reading now and don’t watch the video below.

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Blitz notes that the Easter egg is not an easy one to find. It is located on top of a gigantic tower in the fourth campaign mission, and you will need an upgraded grapple shot with a 40-percent cooldown reduction to get on top of the building.

Once you have gotten to the top, you will find that Craig is a rock star in the Halo Universe. Plastered to some machinery is a concert poster that reads, “Craig Zeta Halo Tour 2560,” then lists various concert dates and locations.

A “Greatest Hits” record cover with the original meme image lies nearby on the ground. The back of the album features all of Craig’s greatest songs, including “I’m the Craig in Your Heart,” “Popped in the Chin by My Friend,” “I Can’t Grow a Beard,” “I’m Famous,” and, of course, “The Day You Became a Meme.” among others.

Although the multiplayer open beta began this week, the Halo Infinite solo campaign will not be released until December 8. 343 Industries, on the other hand, has already mailed out advance copies to different media outlets, and Mint Blitz said that he was fortunate enough to receive one.

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