In a video taken by a Russian driver, ‘pillars’ of mosquitoes dominate the sky.

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A man travelling through a Russian town took video of a large swarm of mosquitoes forming “pillars” that stretched from the ground to the sky.

Alexei Ponomarev said he was driving in Ust-Kamchatsk, a village in the far-eastern Kamchatka Krai region, when the giant cloud of mosquitoes made it difficult for him to see through his windshield.

“I can’t say how high these pillars were, it seems, up to the clouds,” Ponomarev told “There were many of them, both in the village itself and around.”

The insects were demonstrating mating behaviour, according to entomologist Lyudmila Lobkova. She claimed that the majority of the insects in the video were males who did not bite humans and were circling a smaller group of ladies.


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