I delivered 13 of my children alone at home, says mother of 15

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Hussaina Salisu says she gave birth to 13 of her 15 children alone at home.

Salisu, who is from Zaria in Kaduna state, told NAN on Tuesday that she had no complications during the delivery of her children.

“I had 13 of my 15 children at home; only two were born in the hospital,” she said.

The 54-year-old, however, added that she would not advise any woman to attempt such, saying “if I was enlightened as I am now, I would not have found myself in this situation.”

According to her, she had her first child when she was 14 years old, and gave birth to 14 more over a period of 28 years.

Hussaina, who is popularly known as ‘Mama 15’ where she lives in Kaduna, advised young married women on the need for proper family planning, especially regarding the number of children.

“Some of the girls are now married, but none of them were able to get any education before starting a family. So, life has not been easy for them. They are practically living my kind of life,” she said

“No mother wants to see her child suffer, but I have no choice. Seeing them struggling to survive through this hardship makes me very sad.”

She, however, added that she does not regret having 15 children — two of whom are late — despite the hard times.

Binta Salisu, one of the children who dropped out at junior secondary school two and is now 18 years old, told NAN the family needs support from philanthropists.

“We need help, we need food, education and support. We need people to help us,” she was quoted as saying.

“Every woman should get a trade. Every woman needs something to fall back on when she finds herself in a situation like ours. No woman should be idle.

“I don’t wish to end up like the rest of my sisters. I want to acquire education and compete for opportunities in life. The only way to have a meaningful life is to get education.”

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