How to Embed Tweets in WordPress manually

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Get the Embed Link

The first step is to find the embed link. Every single tweet will provide a link you can use. Visit Twitter and locate the tweet you want to embed and copy the URL.

On the top right-hand side of the tweet, you should notice a downward arrow. Click on it and select the Embed Tweet option.

A pop-up window will appear and the embed link will be highlighted. You can also see the preview of what the tweet will look like when you embed it. Copy the embed link.

Return to your WordPress website to paste it.

Embedding Tweets in the Classic Editor

For those of you that may choose to disable Gutenberg, don’t worry, the classic editor fully supports embedding tweets and it’s just as easy.

Begin by going to any new or existing page/post. Once inside a page or post click on the Text editor tab.

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Simply paste the embed link where you want the tweet to appear. If you go back to the visual editor you will only see a portion of it, but it will appear as the actual tweet on the live page.

You can now preview or view the live page to see how it looks.

Congratulations, you have successfully embedded a tweet in WordPress. You can embed as many tweets as you want on any page or post in WordPress.


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