Has she signed?: Start signing relationship contracts to avoid time-wasters, Toke Makinwa tells ladies

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Toke Makinwa, a Nigerian media personality, has urged ladies to consider signing a written contract with men before going into a romantic relationship to avoid “time wasters.”

In the latest episode of ‘Toke Moments’, the OAP also said such a move will ensure women do not always emerge as the most affected party whenever relationships hit the rock.

“Wetin we nor go see for this relationship, I never see am for my life. Maybe you’ll find out one is a time-waster. Do you know how busy I am? that I decided to make time for you and you now want to waste my time. See ehn…I said I’m not doing anymore,” she said in a mixture of English and Pidgin.

“If I meet the next guy who wants to try himself, wants to try and question the day that they gave birth to him by trying to talk to me, we are going to sign a contract. Ladies, I think we should start doing this, that way when they want to start wasting your time at least you’ve gotten something out of it.

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‘‘When I meet you, I like you, I wat to send you this, send you that,…I’ll have my personal assistant send you a contract. You will read the contract and in that contract, you must pay me money for me to even talk to you or even allow your Whatsapp or phone call.”

Makinwa’s latest opinion comes weeks after she also suggested that marriage should have an expiry date and be subject to renewal on account of the challenges with long-haul relationships.

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