Google Authenticator for iOS gets a new look and a bulk account export feature

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Switching iPhones just got a bit easier

In context: Using some form of two-factor authentication for your various internet accounts is almost a necessity at this point, and Google Authenticator is a good way to fulfill that need. However, for iOS users, the app has always been hindered somewhat by its inability to easily bulk transfer accounts to a new phone or other mobile devices.

Fortunately, Google is solving that problem today: Google Authenticator on iOS has just received a sleek new dark theme and the ability to mass-transfer your 2FA account credentials to a fresh device. This should make the app far more comfortable to use at night, and help it catch up just a bit with some competing apps (though many of them are still miles ahead in terms of features).

These features arrive alongside Google Authenticator’s V3.1 release, available now through the App Store. If you already have it, the app should update automatically, as usual (Though the last time the iOS version even got an update was in 2018).

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If you want to take advantage of the new account exporting feature, simply click the three-dot menu at the top right, tap Transfer accounts, and then look for the “export accounts” option. After a quick identity check, you’ll be prompted to select the accounts you want to transfer over to your new device.

After that, just hit Next, and you’ll be shown a QR code. On your new device, go through the same first two steps, but select “Import accounts” instead. Next, give Authenticator access to your camera, and then use it to scan the QR code provided on your old device. And… that’s about it — easy enough.

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