Gigabyte has released a utility to fix the DRM issues with Alder Lake.

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Gigabyte releases tool to fix Alder Lake's DRM issues

A simple and quick technique to disable those E-cores

Following Intel’s announcement of a list of games that would not function with its new Alder Lake CPUs due to DRM issues, users of Gigabyte’s Z690 motherboards may now use the company’s Gigabyte DRM Fix Tool to resolve the issue.

Intel confirmed at the beginning of November that some games are incompatible with Alder Lake. Chipzilla claims that when Alder Lake is used with Windows 10 (rather than Windows 11), more games crash, and while most of these are older games, newer titles like Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order are also affected.


The problem stems from Digital Rights Management (DRM) software incorrectly recognizing Alder Lake’s efficient-cores (E-cores) as another system. This can prevent games from launching, cause crashes during gameplay, or shut them down unexpectedly.

One workaround involves enabling Legacy Game Compatibility Mode, which will place the E-cores in a standby mode while playing games (read the how-to), but that involves going into the BIOS, and it must be enabled following every restart. But the Gigabyte DRM Fix Tool (download here) allows anyone to switch the E-cores on and off easily through the utility’s UI. The only requirement is that users’ motherboards have the latest firmware installed.

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While the tool only works with Gigabyte Z690 mobos, don’t be surprised to see other manufacturers follow suit by releasing their own versions of the utility.

Gigabyte provided a list of all its Z690 motherboards and the latest BIOS version for each product.


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