German reservist held for sharing politicians’ details with right-wing radicals

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The German military has found a list of the private addresses of senior politicians in the possession of a reservist suspected of right-wing radicalism, Spiegel magazine reported on Monday, citing security sources.

It said the sergeant in the reserve forces had been arrested on Friday during a training session.

The names and contact details of 17 prominent politicians were found on his computer and had been shared in a group chat used by right-wing extremists.

It gave no further details of the politicians on the list and said it was unclear if members of the chat had planned to harm or intimidate them.

A spokeswoman for the military’s counterintelligence service declined to comment.

Germany is trying to stem a rise in violent far-right ideology. In February, a 43-year-old racist shot dead nine people with immigrant backgrounds in the town of Hanau before killing his mother and himself.

A report by the military counterintelligence service in March said Germany had uncovered eight right-wing radicals in the armed forces, as well as 27 individuals with reservations about the post-war democratic constitution.

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Last month, military investigators found arms and explosives in a raid on the home of a special forces soldier.

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