Fundamental intro to World of Warcraft [WoW] Classic Gold

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World of Warcraft (WoW) has existed for almost 16 years and has exceeded and set boundaries for Massively multiplayer online (MMO) games worldwide, besting itself as the most successful MMO ever to grace the world of gaming. World of Warcraft or WoW, in short, got a separate edition known as the classic WoW in 2019.

WoW classic was Blizzard’s effort to let their base player rediscover the memories and nostalgia of the base game that was released in 2004. With overwhelmingly challenging enemies that force group teamwork, missions that make you doubt your abilities and lack of quest markers, WoW Classic is the tough mode of the World of Warcraft retail edition that’s already released.

When the game was released in 2019, the outcome paled in comparison to what was predicted; many expected a maximum of a hundred thousand players to enter the field, but instead millions of dead-hard fans flocked to replay their favourite MMO since childhood. The numbers exceed almost one million players after their release, with millions of viewers actively participating in the game-related streams.

How WoW classic differ from modern version of World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Classic is the original World of Warcraft, with a few slight changes and adjustments to make it more playable in the modern age of gaming. The art, text and NPCs are all left unchanged by the original launch. The developer team also decided to retain some of the bugs that were in the initial WoW, making World of Warcraft Classic incredibly close both in feel and playability.

However, the gameplay is a bit different from the modern retail version of WoW, and players do not have to worry about certain status effects such as interrupts, purges and dispersions that did not occur at the time; instead, players are encouraged to be more selective in their talent tree, as it matters much more in the classic WoW version than in the modern retail version.

Mobs and monsters are not easy to beat in the original WoW as opposed to the new version of WoW. Monsters hit hard, and because they don’t scale, it’s really hard for beginners, most of the time they’re going to out-level your character. Hit rating is back in the classic WoW, and in general, you have a higher chance to end up dead.

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What makes WoW classic worth playing?

It’s a challenge, WoW classic is so much more difficult than the new retail edition of WoW. The original vanilla game was tough and complicated, and that was retained in the classic WoW game, which could be both upside and downside.

That’s what made WoW famous first of all. What you see, experience and feel in WoW Classic is what made it the most popular MMORPG in the world. These are the elements that combined to be the wonderful title that millions of players have enjoyed over the years; and that’s why WoW Classic is so amazing. It’s time to test, players liked the idea back then, but they’re still doing it now in 2020.

It’s also not a secret fact that players playing WoW Classic are actually older than most gaming audiences in the world, this is mainly because WoW Classic is actually a revamp of a very old game, so most of the players who come to enjoy it are old as the game itself. This gives rise to a more mature culture that knows the game deeply avoiding any sort of needless tension and toxicity.

WoW Classic Gold is premium

The Premium currency in WoW Classic is gold, and gold is a really big deal in the game. WoW Classic Gold is almost as valuable as money is in the modern world, gold is used for everything from the purchasing of products such as mounts, armour, guns, etc. and other handy resources that do not fall out of mobs but have to be bought from vendors.

Without Wow classic gold, there would be no economy, and the entire thing would fail. Remember how WoW has a monthly subscription fee, if you have enough gold on any WoW Classic servers, you can trade gold for a WoW classic token that can be used to buy a subscription that allows you to keep playing the game without investing any money. It should be remembered that the WoW Classic servers in the EU and the NA do not issue tokens.

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How can a player get WoW Classic gold?

Gold is incredibly rare in WoW Classic, and having a decent amount of gold is always a wearisome process. There are only a handful of ways to get Wow Classic Gold , some of which are listed below:

  1. Fighting certain Monsters: Players can destroy certain monster Mobs repeatedly to win tiny quantities of gold. This is known as agriculture
  2. Doing Quests: The completion of the quests on the map awards gold to players
  3. Being in a profession: some trades, such as skinners, blacksmiths and engineering, give a decent sum of gold to players.
  4.  Buying it from other players: Players can buy gold from other players that are in excess of it. This can be achieved through external sites or via an in-game auction house.

How to buy WoW classic gold?

Buying gold is the simplest and most effective way to get gold in this game, since it takes a long time to farm a fair amount of gold by in-game means. If you have hours of free time to waste that you want to waste mindlessly doing tasks to get virtual money, purchasing some gold at a decent price is the most common choice among players.

Gold can be purchased from special platforms hosted by players willing to exchange their hard-earned gold for any real-world money. The price of gold is entirely dependent on the market, relying on the principle of supply and demand.

Where to buy WoW classic gold online?

Players can buy WoW classic gold through legendary sites such as, which is credible site and have no scammers that might try to run away with your precious money.

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This concludes our article on the WoW Classic and everything that is good about it. We like to end this by advising our players to always stick to our reputable external purchase sites in order to stay safe on the internet.

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