For bespoke controllers, Xbox Design Lab provides over 30 million colour options.

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Xbox Design Lab offers over 30 million color combinations for custom controllers

You can now buy an Xbox controller that matches your personality.

The redesigned Xbox Design Lab allows you to select a colour for each component of your desired bespoke Xbox Series X controller. There are 18 colours to pick from in each area, with millions of possible combinations to get your new controller order in looking just how you pictured it. You may even have it laser etched with a funny phrase like “Git Gud.”

Microsoft has returned with a improved version of Xbox Design Lab. You can use their revised web app to customize a controller, based on the model that ships with their Xbox Series X and Series S, with millions of color combinations.

The service comes with free 14-day shipping and each controller will cost you $69.99, about $10 more than grabbing a plain-colored device off the shelf at your local retailer. The premium is likely worth it to many gamers who’ve been dying to rep the colors of their favorite sports team, or just dreaming of a controller with yellow-purple drip like the one Microsoft showed off on Twitter. You can place your order today in the US, Canada, and most Western European countries.

In the customization page there are 6 regions on the controller to select from a rich and vibrant roster of colors. There are a further 2 lists of choices for the forward-facing buttons where you’re offered a handful of styles from minimalist and modern to classic and iconic.

There’s also the option to have a word or phrase laser engraved in small gray text along the bottom of the front plate of the controller for an additional charge of $10.

This wireless controller can connect via Bluetooth to the following devices:

  • Xbox Series X
  • Xbox Series S
  • Xbox One
  • Windows 10 Devices
  • Android
  • iOS

There is no support for patterns, drawings, or logos, only solid fill colours, although this shouldn’t be a problem if the controllers are half as vivid as the render displayed on the Design Lab website.

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Aside from colours and engraving, there are no other adjustable choices. A wired option, or maybe the opportunity to choose the older kind of D-pad, would have been great additions, but paying an extra ten dollars to have your controller look precisely like you envisioned it isn’t a bad thing to have.



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