FMC Abeokuta Records Three Fresh Cases Of COVID-19 And One Death


The management of the Federal Medical Centre Idi-Aba, Abeokuta has confirmed three fresh cases of the novel coronavirus just as it recorded one death.

According to a press statement by the head of public relations and information of the centre,Segun Orisajo the three patients were all adult males.

“one of them died before the result of his sample came out.” he said

“The deceased, a 58-year-old was a known patient with history of hypertension and diabetes.”

“He was admitted into the Centre last Thursday and being managed for ischaemic stroke.”

“He died on Friday following clinical deterioration.”

“His sample returned positive this evening. His corpse has been deposited in the Morgue.”

“The second patient is a 65-year-old man who lives in Obada Oko, near, Abeokuta.,he was admitted last Tuesday and being managed for pulmonary tuberculosis, his sample also returned positive this evening”

“The third patient is a 48-year-old known hypertensive who resides in Ifo,he was being managed for chronic kidney disease,his sample also returned positive this evening”.

“All the medical and health personnel who managed the 3 cases took all necessary precautionary and personal safety measures.”

According to him arrangements are in progress for the evacuation of the two patients to the Ogun State Isolation Centre.

The hospital management has however assured the general public of safety at the centre asking them not exercise any form of fear as the hospital is safe for patients and staff.

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