Firefox 91 launches today, expands cookie protection, Microsoft login, and more

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Mozilla has added Scots language support, too

Firefox 91 launches today, expands cookie protection, Microsoft login, and more

The release notes for the latest version of Firefox list just a handful of new features, some are significant. First among them is expanded logic for total cookie protection, which should stop sites from using cookies to track users across sites. Firefox 91 also makes HTTPS the default while in private mode, adds Microsoft sign-on, and resurrects simplified printing.

The headline feature for Firefox 91 is what Mozilla calls more comprehensive logic for its total cookie protection. The feature, which isolates cookies to prevent sites from using them to track users from site-to-site, first appeared in Firefox 86 in February. Firefox 91’s version claims to stop hidden data leaks while making it clearer to users what sites are doing with their information.

Moving forward, Firefox will also start using the more secure HTTPS protocol for establishing encrypted connections to websites while in private mode. Google announced earlier this year that it’s planning to add an HTTPS-first mode for Chrome as well.

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With Windows single sign-on, Firefox will let users automatically log into Microsoft work and school with the credentials from Windows 10 itself. This means if someone is logged into a Microsoft account in the start menu or account settings, they can quickly log into a Microsoft account in Firefox. It can be enabled in the privacy & security section of Firefox’s settings.

Firefox 91 also brings back a feature to simplify a page while printing. To do this, in the print menu, under “more settings,” and “format,” click “simplified.” This effect is similar to printing a page while in reader mode.

Mozilla added one new language to Firefox in this update — Scots. Originating from Scotland, some consider Scots a dialect of English, and some consider it a separate language which is partially mutually intelligible with English.

Other new features include the ability to switch to a tab if it appears in address bar search results while in private mode, automatic high-contrast mode on Mac, and catch-up paints.

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You can download Firefox 91 from TechSpot downloads for Windows, macOS and Linux.


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