During the NC GOP keynote, Trump endorses Rep. Ted Budd for Senate.

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In the midst of former President Donald Trump’s presentation to the North Carolina Republican Party convention on Saturday, U.S. Representative Ted Budd, R-N.C., declared his candidacy for North Carolina Senator.

Before summoning Budd to the stage, Trump summoned his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, a North Carolina native, to address rumours that she, too, might compete for the seat.

She stated that it had been a difficult choice for her, but she had decided not to run. She went on to say how delighted she was to introduce another contender, whom she did not identify.

She then handed the mic back to her father-in-law, who announced his endorsement for Ted Budd, who announced in April that he is running for North Carolina’s Senate seat.

Budd has represented North Carolina’s 13th district in the House of Representatives since 2017, and thanked the Trump family for its support during the 2016 election.

“We got a lot of hard work ahead, so let’s get to work, and let’s get back to making America great again,” Budd said.

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Earlier in his address Trump called on North Carolina Republicans to turn out for 2022 midterms Saturday, doling out flattery for those in attendance at the state’s GOP convention as well as vitriol for President Joe Biden’s administration.

“As we gather today, our country is being destroyed before your very eyes,” former President Donald Trump said as he took the stage Saturday night in his second public address since leaving office.

Trump described President Joe Biden and the “socialist Democrats” as the most left-wing administration ever in history — “even Bernie Sanders can’t believe it, he said this is worse than I ever was” — who want to “defund our freedoms” and insert “cancel culture, the defunding culture” and “critical race theory” in public schools.

He then proceeded to share praise for multiple individuals present at the convention, and said 2022 would be “a banner year” for North Carolina Party Republicans, and the Republican Party nationwide.

“I think we’re going to gain two or even three U.S. House seats. We’re going to take over. We’re going to get rid of Nancy Pelosi,” he said.

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After Budd exited the stage, Trump touted the success of his coronavirus response and blasted Biden’s record on jobs and the border.

Michael Whatley, the North Carolina Republican Party chair, introduced Trump, saying “no other president has done more to put America first.”

Whatley also said the convention had been the single most successful fundraising event in the party chapter’s history.


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