Donald Trump insists there is no racism in America, refuse to defund police force


U.S. President Trump flatly denied the existence of institutional racism in the U.S., but went on to contradict himself by acknowledging the need for racial healing.

But he warned that there won’t be healing in the U.S. “by falsely labelling tens of millions of decent Americans as racist.”

Trump was speaking in Dallas, Texas today, ahead of a fund raising dinner for his November election campaign.

He announced what he called a broad four-part plan on Thursday to improve policing nationwide and improve conditions in minority communities.

He called the vision “force with compassion”, that will not allow liberals to defund police departments.

However, he did not invite three top African-American law enforcers to his discussion on policing.

At a megachurch in Dallas, Mr. Trump said he’ll sign an executive order soon requiring police departments to meet high professional standards for the use of force.

This will include tactics for de-escalating confrontations.

It will also include pilot programmes to allow social workers to join certain law enforcement officers “so they can work together,” he said.

“That means force, but force with compassion,” the president said.

“We’re not defunding police. If anything, we’re going the other route.

” We’re going to make sure our police are well-trained.”

He said he’ll renew his call on Congress to approve school choice, calling it “the civil rights issue of our time.”

Trump also promised increased investment in minority communities, as well as health care institutions that serve mostly minorities.—Washington Times

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