Domino’s reintroduces an 80s-era protagonist in a recent marketing campaign, and Crash Bandicoot game

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An odd gaming/advertising cross-pollination

Domino’s is resurrecting its 1980s-era character for a new round of ads and video game appearances. For those of you who are old enough to recall, The Noid was an advertisement character made for the pizza chain in the mid-1980s. His main goal, dressed in a red body suit and bunny ears, was to keep Domino’s pizzas from being physically sent to consumers.

The promotion was a success, resulting in the development of two video games based on the character, including Yo! Noid, a 2D action platformer released by Capcom in 1990 for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The Noid has made several appearances in pop culture over the years, including a Facebook game that rewarded winners with free pizza back in 2011, but he hasn’t been used by Domino’s ads in quite some time… until now.

Domino’s has reintroduced the marketing symbol in a recent TV commercial, which depicts the antihero trying to disrupt a self-driving pizza delivery truck (a Nuro R2). The Noid will also appear as a mini boss in Crash Bandicoot: On the Go! beginning on May 7.


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