Delta COVID-19 variant was discovered in the most recent epidemic in Melbourne, Australia,

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Australia has extended lockdown restrictions in Victoria for another week in order to combat the rising COVID-19 epidemic.

Australia is concerned about the current COVID-19 outbreak in Melbourne. Despite the rising concerns, the government and its authorities remain cautious in their efforts to contain the “fast-spreading” virus. This is why the state of Victoria is currently under lockdown.

But, as the fight continues, a new concern has emerged earlier this month. This comes after state authorities revealed that they had detected the highly infectious Delta variant on Friday, according to Reuters.

First detection of Delta variant in Melbourne

According to the paper, the finding was the first in the newest epidemic in Melbourne. When the information was released, Victoria state Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton stated that the Delta variation is “of significant concern.”

He said, however, that the variation is “not related in terms of transmission” because it differs from the other occurrences. According to the paper, it has not been “linked to any sequenced COVID-19 infections across Australia.”

Sutton, on the other hand, informed the public that they are “pursuing” all of the major case connections. He also stated that they are investigating the possible source or genesis of the variant contraction.

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He continued that there is a “possibility” that the contraction of the Delta variant took place in New South Wales. But, more tests are necessary to conclude the notion, he said.

The publication, later on, recalled that Australia’s most populous state has not reported any cases of local transmission in a month. But, the officials reportedly found the Delta variant in two members of a family who traveled to New South Wales two weeks ago.

First detection of Delta variant in Melbourne

About the “highly infectious” Delta variant

ABC reiterated that the Delta variant is one of the two strains originating in India. The scientific name is B.1617.2, and has since been classified as “Delta” after the World Health Organization placed a new naming system for the COVID-19 variants.

The variation in question is one of four “variants of concern,” according to WHO. Until the discovery of the two isolated instances in Melbourne, officials had failed to uncover it in communities across Australia.

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Meanwhile, the other strain of the B.1617 variation is responsible for the apparent epidemic in Victoria’s capital. The World Health Organization now refers to it as the “Kappa” variety.

Australia extends lockdown in its second-most populous state

Victoria entered its fourth lockdown period on May 28. But, as the battle to control the growing outbreak continues, the state has extended its measures by another week.

The lockdown, which would supposedly end on June 3, will now conclude on June 10. BBC said that six new local cases emerged on Wednesday, bringing the overall number of COVID-19 cases in Australia to a total of 30,137.


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