Death toll from coronavirus surpasses One million

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Some notable Nigerians Who Have Died From Coronavirus

Over one million people globally have died from coronavirus, about nine months since its outbreak from China.

According to, the number of fatalities reached 1,000,502 at about 18.00GMT on Sunday.

The number of infections recorded in 210 countries has also reached 33,193,050.

While Europe is battling a second surge of the virus, the United States led in deaths and confirmed cases.

According to various trackers, infections in America are now 7,297,802, while the death toll has escalated to 209,000.

India has the biggest confirmed cases after United States, with 6,047,690 cases.

Its death toll of 95,000 is however second to Brazil, which has 141,503 fatalities.

In Nigeria, 1,106 people have died from the virus as at Saturday.

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