COVID-19 was found in 26 crew members and 1 guest aboard the Carnival Vista.

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Carnival Vista stated that 27 staff members and 1 passenger tested positive for COVID-19 while entering Belize this week, out of 2,895 guests and 1,441 personnel.

The Belize Tourism Board announced Wednesday that all passengers with a negative COVID-19 test will be required to present proof to health authorities, and those without proof of a negative test will be subject to random testing.

“We are pleased to inform that our personnel from the Ministry of Health and Wellness also carried out an inspection of the protocol onboard the Carnival Vista this morning and are satisfied that they have been able to verify that the measures put in place by the ship are meticulous and deemed highly effective,” the press release stated.

The positive cases were isolated and more than 1,000 people were tested during contact tracing. Belize authorities said that 99.98% of the crew were vaccinated and 96.5% of passengers were vaccinated. Most of the cases are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms, and all are vaccinated.

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Additional precautions, such as mask-wearing and the usage of N95 masks by staff, were implemented. Passengers will not be allowed to leave the ship if the overall number of positive cases surpasses 2% of the ship’s passengers, according to Belize’s local standards.

On July 3, the ship was the first to set sail for Carnival. It departed from Galveston, Texas, and landed in Cozumel on Thursday, carrying all active cases in quarantine or isolation.



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