Chromebook owners can score free copies of Doom and Doom II for a limited time

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Courtesy of Google

What just happened? Google at any given time offers a variety of perks to Chromebook owners and a couple of the latest additions may be too sweet to pass up, especially if you are a fan of id Software’s Doom franchise. For a limited time, Chromebook owners can score complimentary copies of the original Doom and Doom II. Each is valued at $4.99, but you’ll pay nothing.

It’s unclear how long these offers will stand so if you qualify and are interested, it’d be best to claim the perks ASAP.

These aren’t the only offers worth checking into for gamers. Google is also offering up a free in-app item pack for Fallout Shelter and a complimentary story expansion for The Elder Scrolls: Legends, each of which is valued at $19.99. What’s more, you can score a copy of Stardew Valley on the house (a $7.99 value) in addition to free item packs for Fishdom and Lineage 2.

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Outside of the gaming realm, Chromebook owners can also nab a copy of Duet Display and claim Google One with 100 GB of storage for 12 months. A full year membership to VSCO is also up for grabs, as is a six month membership to Squid Premium, the paid tier of note-taking app Squid.

Nab these offers and more over on Google’s Chromebook perks page.

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