CD Projekt Red details Cyberpunk 2077’s lifepath and combat systems in Night City Wire Plus, who is the band Samurai?

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In a nutshell: News of Cyberpunk 2077 continues to trickle out of CD Projekt Red studios. Next week the developer will broadcast the second in its series of Night City Wire updates. It will talk about lifepaths, weapons, and the fictional band Samurai.

CD Projekt Red announced its second Night City Wire stream would be next Monday. This time around, the developers will be going over some details regarding how the RPG system works, showing off the various weapons at your disposal, and sharing how Refused is featured in the game as a chrome rock band called Samurai.

We already know that the character creation system is going to be quite robust. Players can choose their gender, body type (including genital settings), and virtually everything else to customize your avatar. We also know there will be three “Lifepaths” to follow—Street Kid, Corpo, and Nomad. Expect CDPR to go more in-depth regarding what these Lifepaths mean and what advantages and disadvantages each has.

Weapons are an undeniable staple to any RPG, and we have seen a few in the various Cyberpunk trailers released so far. The developers have long maintained that they wanted to produce something that can be played any way the user chooses. So it sounds like CDPR is going to take a deeper dive into what weapons are available and how players will level them up (yes, there is weapon specializing).

Lastly, CD Projekt Red is going to give a backstage look at how it transformed Refused into Samurai. Refused is a Swedish punk rock band that formed in the early 1990s. The group broke up in 1998, only to reunite 14 years later. Last year, CDPR tapped the band to create the soundtrack for Cyberpunk 2077. The idea was to use Refused’s tracks to fuel an in-game chrome rock band called Samurai. The idea is not an original concept.

In 1999, Quantic Dream and Eidos signed David Bowie to do the soundtrack for Omikron: The Nomad Soul. In the game, Bowie performed in a fictitious band called The Dreamers. He later released the game’s soundtrack as an album titled “Hours.”

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The second Night City Wire streams on CDPR’s Twitch feed next Monday, August 10, at 12pm EST.

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