Bruno Covas, the mayor of Sao Paulo, died of cancer at the age of 41.

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Bruno Covas, the mayor of Sao Paulo, Brazil, died Sunday after a battle with cancer, according to the city council. He was 41 years old at the time.

Covas died at Hospital Sirio Libanes two weeks after he had announced he was taking a 30-day leave after he was admitted to the hospital on May 2.

He was initially diagnosed with cancer in 2019, when the disease was discovered in his digestive system and later spread to his bones.

Covas, the grandson of Brazilian senator and governor of the state of Sao Paulo Mario Covas, entered politics at the age of 17 when he became secretary of the PSDB party’s youth wing.

Before taking over as mayor of Sao Paulo after Joao Doria resigned to run for governor, he worked as a state deputy, Congressman, party chairman, environment minister, and advisor to Gov. Geraldo Alckmin.

In late 2020, Covas was elected to a four-year term.

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“Our solidarity with the family and friends of Bruno Covas, who died today after a long battle with cancer. May God comfort everyone’s heart!” Brazilian President Jair Boslonaro wrote on Twitter.

Ricardo Nunes, Covas’ deputy mayor, will take over the position of mayor following his death.

Nunes, 53, is a member of the centrist MDB party and has said he will follow Covas’ guidelines and doesn’t plan to immediately change top personnel.


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