Brothers of executed Iranian wrestler held in solitary confinement

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“Family are now terrified that Habib and Vahid’s treatment means something bad is in store for them too”

Iranian Greco-Roman wrestler Navid Afkari. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Iranian Greco-Roman wrestler Navid Afkari.

(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

An Iranian regime prison guard beat the brothers of the executed wrestler Navid Afkari,  Vahid and Habib, who are now being held incommunicado, raising growing fears that “something bad is store for them too,” according to a Monday report on the website IranWire.

The news site reported that “A source close to the devastated Afkari family said it had been more than 16 days since they had any news of the brothers. The information they had received prior to this was contradictory in places, exacerbating their worries. The family understand Vahid and Habib are in solitary confinement, and have now recovered after recently being beaten by a prison guard.”

The source told IranWire: “Judiciary and prison officials are misleading the family. The prison officials say it’s out of their hands; they say they have orders from higher up not to transfer them [Habib and Vahid] to public wards and to keep them in solitary confinement.”

The source continued that “The brothers do not have the right to visitation or a phone call, and on going to the deputy prosecutor supervising the prison, they were told they were not allowed to talk to their family.”

IranWire said that brothers were stripped of their legal right to make a telephone call.

Iranian regime authorities arrested the three brothers in 2018 for their participation in peaceful protests against regime corruption.

Iranian prison and security officials brutally tortured all three brothers to secure forced confessions, according to human rights groups and an eyewitness report.

Vahid and Habib received sentences of 54 years and six months, and 27 years and three months, respectively and 74 lashes.

IranWire reported that “The Afkari family tried to engage with the authorities last week but were told they had to follow up with the courts and the sentencing judge. When they did so, they received no reply.”

The outlet added that “The family are now terrified that judicial opacity over Habib and Vahid’s treatment means something bad is in store for them too.”

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