Brain Teaser: Which corporation is credited with inventing the hard disc drive?

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Pick your answer….

B. Hitachi
C. Fujitsu
D. Xerox

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After researching various inventions such as wire matrices and rod arrays, IBM developed the hard disc drive in 1953 at its San Jose California facility, originally referring to the invention as a “Random Access File,” which proved to be less costly and slower than drum memory but quicker and more expensive than tape drives.
The first commercial hard disc drive, the IBM Model 350 disc storage (US Patent 3,503,060), was released in 1956 as part of the IBM 305 RAMAC system, offering 5MB of storage at $10,000 per MB. Customers were paying more than $3,200 a month to view and store the information at the time because IBM rented the systems. In 2021, that equates to more than $31,000 per month. RAMAC drives were produced in three generations, with power doubling in each generation.

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The IBM 305 RAMAC was made up of 50 24-inch disc platters housed within a huge boxy cabinet resembling a washing machine — a far cry from today’s 3.5″ or 2.5″ disc drives, let alone solid state drives in the still smaller M.2 form factor.

If you picked A. IBM, congratulations you picked the correct answer.


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