Brain Teaser: What’s the name of the landscape wallpaper that was a default on Windows XP?

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Choose your answer before reading on:

A) Majesty

B) Bliss

C) Splendor

D) Happiness

A little background…

The photo was captured in Sonoma County, California by National Geographic photographer Charles O’Rear in 1996, then sold as a stock photo to image licensing agency Corbis. Microsoft purchased it in 2000. The picture known as “Bliss” soon became one of the most viewed photographs in the world when it was set as the default desktop background in Windows XP.

O’Rear took the photo on film with a medium-format camera while on his way to visit his girlfriend and although many have said that the image was digitally altered with Photoshop, he insists that isn’t the case. Today, the iconic landscape is used to produce grapes.

The correct choice is B) Bliss . Congrats if you answered B) Bliss!

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