Biggest thing I have gained from fame- Teni

Uyomeyo crooner, Teniola has opened up on what fame has done for her. She noted that fame has given her the opportunity to see the joy in the faces of her fans.

Speaking in a chat with The Nation, she said: “The joy of seeing the happiness on the faces of the fans whenever I step on stage or meet them. It’s an irreplaceable feeling that your passion can provide all of these”

Asked why she allows her personality shine through her music, Teni said  she likes being her happy self.

“I just like being my happy self and making sure when I walk into a room I bring that energy there. You don’t know what different people are facing and if what I do or say can produce a little bit of relief in my goofy self and why not?

I remember starting out with YouTube videos of me talking about different random things and friends and family would tell me how much they enjoyed it. This got extended to my Instagram community and I’m really glad people accept me for who I am and find solace in it”.

Sharing what love means to her, the ‘Billionaire’ crooner said: “Love is special. I mean the idea of building a life with someone forever and to do anything to see that person smile. It’s the greatest sensation you can ever find. I hope I get to experience it someday but right now it’s all about the music”.

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